Why do we need to dry? Mold…

August 9, 2010

Have you ever walked into a basement or garage and smelled a musty odor? You can look high and low but you just cannot figure out where or what it is. These areas tend to be damp and places that are damp for extended periods will breed mold. Mold is EVERYWHERE! The problem is when too much mold builds up inside your home. These mold spores can reach toxic levels. Another problem is, you cannot always see the mold, it may be in low levels right in front of your eyes, just waiting for the right conditions to rear its ugly head.
When dealing with mold trust your nose. That musty smell in the basement, it’s mold. Now don’t jump up and grab that bottle of bleach. Remember mold is everywhere. It does warrant some further investigation look around for visible signs of mold, it can be many different colors black usually, being the worse. Damp or wet areas should be dried and kept dry. If you cannot see any mold then try cleaning the area with an antimicrobial, If that musty smell persists you may want to call a professional.

Attention: If you can see the mold you are breathing it. Call a professional immediately, the longer you wait the more the mold will grow spread.


Wow is it hot.

July 26, 2010

We recorded the 2 hottest days back to back, 105 officially, but at my house I saw 108 in the shade. Of course A/C units do not work that well over 100, and mine decided to give out. Luckily I had a large A/C window unit to help me keep cool.

Carpet Protector

June 9, 2010

Tip of the day—-New carpet protectors work in two ways. First, acid dye blockers, which block many acidic dyes (i.e. food, wine, kool-aid, urine) from attaching to the carpet fiber. Second, Teflon is added to the Acid Dye Blocker to help seal it into the fiber. Picture a invisible straw covering every fiber to act as a shield. The combination of these to chemicals protects your carpet with your help. You are the key in keeping the spot out, the faster the better, and remember blot never scrub with a clean towel and a LITTLE soap and water. If that does not work give us a call. Thank-you

We are now cleaning Air Ducts

May 18, 2010

Many of our customers have been asking if we knew any good air duct cleaning companies? We could never find a good one that we could trust to take care of our customers like we do. We did some research and discovered a new system that uses air instead of brushes, which can damage your air ducts. Our results have been great and we have already completed a few jobs with great results.

A new month, good luck to all

August 3, 2009

It is now August and it looks like we maybe digging ourselves out of these tough economic times. People started saving money again, and in New England it is reported that people are saving about 5% of their income. I was always told to try to save 10%, but apparently the 5% savings is adversely is effecting the local economy up there. Apparently, we live in a country that manufactures little, and we have become a country who provides services. It is tough to export services, so we must figure something to export besides our debt. Any Ideas

Wool rugs and pets can be a bad combination.

July 29, 2009

When dealing with a wool rug, you are dealing with a natural fiber as opposed to man-made fiber like nylon. Wool rugs and carpets can be great for many thing. It’s fire resistant properties along with great durability makes it a great choice for a home.
Unfortunately they also require special attention when cleaning to avoid shrinkage or even fiber loss. This can make it difficult to use aggressive methods to get out some tough spots like the kind our pets leave behind. Speed is always a factor in getting theses spots out and unfortunately sometimes that is not enough. Often time when we pick up area rugs we find it was not the first or only “accident”.
The best thing is to get it protected with a wool carpet protector this will act as a temporary barrier to give you a little extra time to clean an “accident” up, before it penetrates the fibers and cause permanent stains.

What a beautiful day, to cold call.

July 28, 2009

The sun is out, the birds are singing what a great day to get out and cold call. No one likes to cold call, but whichever profession you are in, it can be effective. I have gotten phone calls six months to a year later which lead to some of my biggest clients. Just keep trying and make contact often. Once every 1-3 months they will at least admire your dedication and when the opportunity arises you will be ready and hopefully on their mind.

The dog Days of summer are here.

July 27, 2009

Wow, has it been hot & humid. Chance of afternoon showers everyday. Seems like it is a little of a late start to the heat and humidity. Well try to stay cool, I know I will be.

Sometimes it is nice to have friends in the water restoration business!

July 21, 2009

I am off today to help a friend in need. His hot wqter heater in his condo has sprung a leak. Luckily he has friends in the biz. We will make sure it is done right and as quickly as possible.

What a great week to get leather furniture cleaned!

July 13, 2009

When we buy our leather furniture, we get a bottle of cleaner/ conditioner and it finds some place to rest under the sink. Slowly throughout the year it gets pushed back, and then lost. As is the thought of using it.
Do you remember why you bought it? Was it the resiliency, the look, the color, whatever your reason you bought it to last.
Protect your investment! Leather is a natural fiber and must be condition and protected. The oils and protective coatings from the factory wear off and should be replenished once a year. This will add years to the life of the leather and prevent cracks from forming.