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Why do we need to dry? Mold…

August 9, 2010

Have you ever walked into a basement or garage and smelled a musty odor? You can look high and low but you just cannot figure out where or what it is. These areas tend to be damp and places that are damp for extended periods will breed mold. Mold is EVERYWHERE! The problem is when too much mold builds up inside your home. These mold spores can reach toxic levels. Another problem is, you cannot always see the mold, it may be in low levels right in front of your eyes, just waiting for the right conditions to rear its ugly head.
When dealing with mold trust your nose. That musty smell in the basement, it’s mold. Now don’t jump up and grab that bottle of bleach. Remember mold is everywhere. It does warrant some further investigation look around for visible signs of mold, it can be many different colors black usually, being the worse. Damp or wet areas should be dried and kept dry. If you cannot see any mold then try cleaning the area with an antimicrobial, If that musty smell persists you may want to call a professional.

Attention: If you can see the mold you are breathing it. Call a professional immediately, the longer you wait the more the mold will grow spread.