Wool rugs and pets can be a bad combination.

When dealing with a wool rug, you are dealing with a natural fiber as opposed to man-made fiber like nylon. Wool rugs and carpets can be great for many thing. It’s fire resistant properties along with great durability makes it a great choice for a home.
Unfortunately they also require special attention when cleaning to avoid shrinkage or even fiber loss. This can make it difficult to use aggressive methods to get out some tough spots like the kind our pets leave behind. Speed is always a factor in getting theses spots out and unfortunately sometimes that is not enough. Often time when we pick up area rugs we find it was not the first or only “accident”.
The best thing is to get it protected with a wool carpet protector this will act as a temporary barrier to give you a little extra time to clean an “accident” up, before it penetrates the fibers and cause permanent stains.


One Response to “Wool rugs and pets can be a bad combination.”

  1. Jon Says:

    Thank You for sharing. Yes, I too believe that knowing the basic care of rug is important for your wool rugs to last long. Yes, I totally agree that accident do happen too. In that case the longer you wait to clean up a stain, or your pet urine or their regurgitation, the longer it will be harder to clean and the faster your rugs gets damage. 😉
    Take a look at http://www.carpetrugscollection.com/
    As they have many choices of rugs. 😉

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